It End With Us – Colleen Hoover

It End With Us – Colleen Hoover. I have loved books ever since I was a kid and I always try to share the stories to others, even let them borrow my beloved treasure. 🥰

And since it’s hard to reach people now due to health restrictions and people are more interested with their phones, I have thought of creating this account just for books. 🤩📖

I buy secondhand books and discounted ones, and mostly YA genre. I don’t care much about the total condition of a book as I am more into the world inside of it, so don’t expect a hardbound or a perfect book in this account. 😁

So enjoy the worlds within the It End With Us I have read! Feel free to comment your opinions and POVs as I also want to have a discussion with book lovers. 😍🥰 and I’d love and appreciate it if you like and share this with your friends too!


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