Impossible by Danielle Steele

Had to post this, even if it isn’t originally mine! 😂

Impossible by Danielle Steele, written somewhere in 2005, and I owned it in 2010 (it’s on our bookshelf and I don’t even know if my big sis had read it already).

This novel by Steele is the first hard-bound book I first read. I guess it’s safe to say that this book made me fall in love with novels, as entering a new world with the use of your imagination is enchanting.

The protagonist, Sasha, is a renowned gallery owner, whose life was almost perfect. A beautiful family with a loving husband, two kids, and a great job that made her rich. Sadly, her husband died and she had to live life alone, with her kids already starting to enjoy their lives independently.

And then she met Liam, an artist, through her son. Not her age (he was close to her son’s age!) and definitely not her type, as he is a wacky artist, a YOLO, very different from a responsible mother and a poised gallery owner. But not a reason why they couldn’t be together, in the author’s eyes.

The title itself described the plot: Impossible. Not realistic. Looking back, I could see why a 14-year-old would love this. This is a big step away from the fairy tales that she(which is me! 😜) had read.

Overall, I’d give this book a rating of 3 out of 5. It’s kinda like forcing words out just to finish a book but still, imagination is there.

How about you, guys? What was the first hardbound novel you read?


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