The VA Duo

The Amazing Duo

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Who We Are

We are Joyce and Andra, a General VA and a Tech VA. Combined, we are the smazing duo to assist you with all your needs and tasks to run your business. One will attend to the administrative projects, and the other will maintain all your systems and keep them up and running.

About us

A couple turns out to be a amazing duo in business

Andra and Joyce have been a VA for more than a year. Since Joyce has been working as an admin assistant for around 5 years and Andra has graduated in IT, they decided to team up, build a business of assisting entrepreneurs, business owners, and coaches to help them reach their dreams and visions through general administration and back end or all the tech behind their businesses. That’s how The VA Duo was founded.

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Our Core Values

Honesty Virtual Assistants


We are humans that make mistakes. But we are responsible in everything we do, owning all our achievements and faults.

Passion Virtual Assistants


We love what we’re doing! So expect that we are giving the best of our efforts in helping you achieve your vision.

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Sloppiness is not in our vocabulary. After setting clear expectations, we deliver quality output and aim for the satisfaction of each client.

Teamwork Icon Virtual Assistants


We do not exercise employee-employer relationships but promote equality. Thus, we ensure that you are aware of our progress.

Improvement Virtual Assistants


We seek continuous improvement and are eager for more knowledge, so we would gladly accept criticisms and pieces of advice.

Our Services

What do we offer?

Venn Diagram J&A Virtual Assistants

We aren’t just full of hard skills! We also have soft skills that are just as important as hard skills and that are needed to deliver quality output. As for the hard skills, we offer a wide variety of virtual assistant services, both tech and admin, that you could either take all or choose from.

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General Admin

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Tech VA


We help businesses make their dream and vissions turn into reality, slowly but surely.

I truly appreciate all the work Joyce put into my logo. She gave me great options and worked on what I wanted. She was attentive and patient with me on my modifications. I look forward to working with her again!

Virtual Assistants
Lee Span Decades of Wellness

Joyce was amazing to work with, she is so talented at her craft. I told her a rough idea of what I wanted and she delivered in less than an hour! It’s just perfect and I love it and can’t wait for it to be the face of our non-profit. Thank you so so much, Joyce!

Virtual Assistants
Lindsey Wall Second Chance Ranch

Joyce comes highly recommended by me for the work that she has done for me. She is a quick learner and goes above and beyond my expectations when given assigned tasks. She is definitely an asset to anyone who needs a virtual assistant. It has been a pleasure working with her and her sweet & thoughtful personality is an added bonus for anyone who utilizes her services!

Virtual Assistants
Bunny Lyons Bunnycakes

Joyce is a great worker and I highly recommend her if you're looking for someone to do administrative work for you.

Virtual Assistants
Nancy Becher Invisible Entrepreneurs

Joyce is doing a great job. She is fast, reliable, and communicative. I couldn't ask for anything more

Virtual Assistants
Joseph Morrison Raiser Sharp Consulting

We are grateful for the services that Andra offered us, it is a game-changer because the time he took to prepare the flyer was less than 10 minutes and the quality was excellent and professional. We hereby recommend you to any individual, or organization to use his expertise because they won't be disappointed.

Virtual Assistants
Jimmy Carter Anointed Vessels Christian School

I have been working with Joyce and Andra for a couple of months now and I would absolutely recommend them to everyone. I never have to micromanage. They have excellent communication with me with updates and what they need from me. Joyce has always been able to meet deadlines I ask for and both of them are very helpful and eager to learn new things that could help enhance your business. They care just as much about your business as you do.

Virtual Assistants
Laneese Chantal Dancer | Choreographer

I am a creative with many ideas that I want to do. Joyce and Andra are so gentle but firm, patient but persistent, and they listen, they hear me and bring my chaotic ideas to life. Even during my personal challenging time they give me grace and respect what I am dealing with. They are taking my business to another level!

Karen Pilgrim Visionboard University